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HelloChile links Concepción in Chile and the Big World offering Spanish tutoring, translators and interpreters, as well as tours to the remotest parts of Chile. The company was founded in 2005 by an Austrian and figures since then as a bridge between Chileans and foreign entities. We assist in language affairs and tourism but, above all, in the cultural and local context.

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Chilean Spanish

tutoring in Concepción

We teach proper Chilean Spanish for longer stays in Concepción, Chile, or for your trip throughout the country or South America, and have the right Spanish tutoring for you. Furthermore, we are happy to organize your stay with private housing and Spanish language partners.

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HelloChile sets value on a relaxing and practical learning atmosphere, so, as far as possible, you decide where and when to realize the Spanish sessions. No matter if you want to study at your place, or your appartment or hotel, or in the park or a coffee shop, the public library or a museum – the sky is the limit.

We teach according to the European language level reference A1 through C2 and emphasize everyday Chilean Spanish, if needed.

Our methods and techniques are based on constructivism with increasing immersion, which has turned out to be, perhaps, the most efficient form of Spanish learning.

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Spanish tutoring, translators and interpreters in Concepción Chile


and interpreters

industrial chilean Spanish translators and interpreters

We translate and interpret from English to Chilean Spanish and German (further languages on request), in and around Concepción, but also in other cities and industrial facilities in the south of Chile.

We exclusively hire specially trained professionals which are experienced in the required areas as translators and interpreters. We cover the wood, fish, tourism and oil industries. Furthermore, we assist with technical translations, for instance when recruiting Chilean professionals and/or technical personnel, the Human Resources Development, as well as for importing or exporting goods and merchandise.

With almost 15 years of experience in the areas of pulp and paper, plywood and, generally, the wood industries, HelloChile has placed its brand in some major enterprises of Chile and the rest of the world.

Besides, we cover the fields of mechanics, electrics, process engineering, negotiations and technical visits of foreign specialists and professionals, as well as economics in general and tourism.

If, after your long and stressful work days, you need a touristic time-out, we offer you tailored programs nationwide and provide a tour guide if needed. For that, we invite you to visit our tourism section. 

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Tourism and tour guides

in Concepción - Chile

Maybe you have already seen documentaries about the awsome nature and breathtaking landscapes of Chile – but there are still locations and landscapes unknown to the broad public. 

We know Chile – and especially the south – to a very high degree and are, therefore, a competent partner and/or tour guide for visitors.

– Technical visits:

You fly in for a client visit, technical, control, repair or maintenance visit? No problem, our tour guides, translators and interpreters know the routes and rules, and the people as well as the culture and, of course, the technical subtlties of Chile, in order to be your local partner.

– Local tour guide:

You already have a plan but need a local contact or partner? HelloChile accompanies you as of your arrival until your departure. Our tour guides organize the ground transportation, the necessary documents (upon request), in order to disburden your trip, and provide useful information in general organizational matters.

Trips throughout Chile

tourism in the south of Chile - Chiloé Patagonia

– Tailored guided tours

We want you to see from Chile what you are really interested in, so our tour guides create exclusive and tailored guided tours. Our guides know the Atacama desert, Central Chile and Patagonia;  the Tiwanaku culture, Atacameños (Atacama´s first inhabitants), Mapuche (indigineous from Southern Chile) or the Ona and Alcalufes (people who lived in Patagonia); we also organize mountaineering, horseback riding, surfing, scuba diving, trekking or guiding photo safaris; tours to wineries, breweries, gastronomy in general; geology, botany zoology, scouting or engineering; visit museums, theaters, visit folclore events or even teach Cueca, the Chilean national dance;  HelloChile guides visitors to geysirs, salt lakes, volcanoes, hot springs or Araucaria woods in national parks – or do you need a tour guide for visiting an island? The sky is the limit!

tourism in the north of Chile - Atacama desert

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